Geometry All Around Paris, France

Sami Renehan, Period 1

1.) State whether lines a and b are parallel and why.

2.) Would you describe the pole as being skew, parallel, perpendicular, or oblique to the tracks?

3.) If the shape below is a rectangle, what is the sum of it's interior angles?

4.) State whether lines a and b are parralell, and why.

5.) Given: 1=7 and 7=15 and 15=11. Is line a parallel to line b? Is line c parallel to line d?

6.) Find the measure of <X.

7.) Is the triangle equilateral, isosceles, or scalene?

8.) What is the sum of angles 1,2,3, and 4?

9.) Describe the relationship between lines a and b.

10.) Are these two triangles congruent? If so, what postulate proves this?


1.) a||b because alternate interior angles are congruent.

2.) Perpendicular to

3.) 360'

4.) a||b because supplementary angles add up to 180'

5.) a||b and c||d because corresponding angles are congruent.

6.) 40'

7.) Scalene

8.) 360'

9.) a is perpendicular to line b.

10.) they are congruent based on the SAS postulate.

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