Handy Man

By Nicholas Bourquin

A Handy Hominid

Homo Habilis is the first hominid to make successful tools. The Homo Habilis is also nicknamed the Handy Man. He was discovered by Louis and Mary Leakey in Africa.

A Handy Description
The Handy Man had human and ape features just like Lucy. This hominid was 4 feet tall when it was fully grown. He is very hairy and biped. The word biped means able to walk on two legs. The handy man had the largest eyelids of all the hominids.

Handy Resources
This hominid used animal bones as digging sticks. They used stone to make chopping tools. They also made sharp pieces of stone for cutting. The tools they made from those resources were simple but took a lot of thought and effort.


A special capability that helped the hominid group handy man survive was the tools they made. Another capability that helped the handy man hominid group survive was the use of cutting tools that helped them cut dead animal meat. Crushing tools helped them crack animal bones. Also Handy Man hominids may have dug or made traps for small animals.

What Happened To Homo Habilis?
Homo Habilis became extinct due to the rapid cooling and natural deforestation of Africa.

This is a picture of the skull of a Homo Habilis hominid.
This is a picture of some of the tools Homo Habilis used and what they did.

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