Hiring Catering Services – Understanding The Different Types Available In The Market

Planning to throw a party? Or maybe a large scale event? Think about what is the first and most important thing that people will remember about the entire shindig. Is it the decoration? Or maybe the entertainment you organise for the guests? Or is it the theme for the entire night that you have planned? Nope.. People remember the food most!

The one truth that every event organiser must understand and accept is that if the food you are serving isn’t good enough, nothing else about the party will be able to please your guests. And if the food and drinks are delectable, every mistake at the event will be forgiven. This is why no matter what, you just HAVE to hire the best catering company possible for your event if you intend to make a mark on the minds of your guests.

Now when you move towards the market to actually hire a catering company in Los Angeles, there will be many options coming your way. Here is a simple explanation of every type of catering service that you can get from the industry.

  • Plate served to each guest: This is a common way of putting out food to your guests. Each plate is arranged by the chefs in the kitchen and served to guests on their table. This is a more suitable format for events that will be more of seated affairs.
  • Table d'Hote: There is much more warmth and hospitality involved in this type of catering service. This is a mini-buffet service with many items of food on the table for the guests to share and pass among each other.
  • Russian Catering: This style presents a more un-catered and homely approach with each guest served food in an attractively displayed tray.
  • French Catering: This will be the best format of service for fine dining events where a lot of formal presentation and all the galore. It involves one waiter serving the guests their plates while another waiter adds the sauce.
  • Traditional Buffets: These are the general catering styles that you get to see in most parties and events. It involves the food being displayed in a single line on a row of tables. The guests can approach each dish they want to try where the waiter will graciously serve it to them.
  • Standard Cocktail service: This service is more of a standing affair where the guests go around mingling with each other while the waiters serve them with drinks and Hors d' Oevres.
  • Open house catering: This type of catering is designed to serve food at events where the guests are expected to come and go throughout the party. The kitchen works round the clock and provides all the food on the menu all through the length of the event.

You can also discuss matters with your catering company and have them provide you with a combination of any of the above option. Customisation is, of course, your choice.

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