Words to Live By

The Humble Art of
"Thank You" and "You're Welcome"

Join me in making two phrases part of your every day. Let’s begin with the word, “Thank you”. Too often we are all guilty of doing something that someone else feels holds a certain amount of merit and we are quick to shuck the praise or the acknowledgement to either someone else or act as if the task doesn’t deserve the comment or praise. Honor the person who is acknowledging you and acknowledge yourself by simply saying, “Thank You”.

The other phrase is “You’re Welcome”. Again, when a task or deed has been accomplished at your hand and a word of gratitude comes your way, there is often the tendency to divert the words of acknowledgement when a simple, “You’re welcome” not only suffices, but acknowledges the person you are speaking to that you understand their thankfulness and in many cases seals the deal.

Two simple phrases: “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”. In many ways they are a humble response when you need a humble response, but more importantly they are also easy words to live by.