Byzantine Empire

Map of the Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire Information

The Byzantine Empire was built in late 400 A.D. and ended around middle 1400 A.D. Before the Byzantine Empire the next big Empire was the Roman Empire which went from 600 B.C. and the downfall occurred in 476 A.D. The next Empire after the Byzantine is the Ottoman Empire who controlled the Byzantine land in 1923 A.D. The Byzantine was definitely a better Empire then the Romans. The Byzantine changed the capital from Rome to Constantinople after Constantine. They also changed the Religion from a Roman Catholic to an Easter Orthodox. They also changed the language from Latin to Greek to. The Roman Empire controlled the western half of the old Roman Empire but also eventually fell into the "Dark Ages." The Byzantine controlled the Eastern half of the old Roman Empire and it grew very strong and lasted around 1000 years. 

Byzantine Empire Impact on Russia

The Byzantine Empire made a great effect on Russia. They gave them certain inventions and ideas. For example the religion the Byzantine Empire gave them was an Eastern Orthodox was sent to Russia. It was then known in Russia as Russian Orthodox. A lot of the ideas that were given to Russia was by trading back and forth. For example they gave the Russians a Cyrillic alphabet and religion. They also gave then a specific type of Art called Mosaics and they also gave them a type of Architecture. These ideas that the Byzantine Empire gave to the Russians were that some are still used today.

Contributions of Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire gave great contributions to many other cultures. A big contribution was Justinian's Code. This was based on the "Twelve Tables" of Roman law. This became a basis for law in many European nations. They also contributed art and architecture. The same in the Pictures above. The Byzantine Empire lasted so long because of a organized government, it really never got to big but went from medium to small. Lastly they never started a lot with other cultures and minded there own business. They preserved Greek and Roman cultures like there art and knowledge and either made improvements or kept them the same. They were a simple Empire but they lasted a long time because of these simple ideas.

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