HiPER 841 4-WAN Intelligent Broadband Gateway/Router

HiPER 841 4-WAN Intelligent Broadband Gateway/Router is a purpose-built solution designed for small-sized enterprises, Internet cafes and broadband communities which require multiple ADSL connections.

HiPER 841 adopts Intel Xscale core network processor IXP up to 533MHz, delivering high performance and high availability of express forwarding.

With UTT self-developed operating system ReOS, HiPER 841 delivers a high security, easy-to-use and low cost platform for UTT customers. It not only supports common features such as NAT, firewall, bandwidth management and IP/MAC binding, but also offers access control, security management and network maintenance.

4-WAN port design offers multiple choices for ISP connections and real-time backup and load balancing. Besides, it also supports policy-based routing of different ISPs.

1. 4 WAN ports
4 WAN ports design of HiPER 841 makes 4 Internet connections available, and provides connection backup and load balancing. Furthermore, it supports policy-based routing of different ISPs

2. Security
UTT Technologies offers an effective solution to protect the network against 80 percent of internal attacks:

  • Protect network against ARP spoofing attacks
  • Protect network against DDoS/DoS attacks
  • Protect network against virus attacks, such as Worm.Blaster, Worm.Asser, etc
  • Protect network against port scanning attacks

With the integrated ability of defense against external network, HiPER 841 could ensure the network stability and security to greatest extent.

3. Easy to use
With the latest operating system ReOS 2008, HiPER 841 delivers an easy platform for users to configure. Start menu, Quick Wizard and one-click operation are provided as the main features.
Quick Wizard will help user to deploy the connection, security and port forwarding for the first use.
One-click operation is designed for common functions, which will simplify the operation greatly and save time for UTT customers.

  • Policy-based routing with one-click operation
  • Binding all IP/MAC with one-click operation
  • Enable ARP spoofing defense, DoS/DDoS defense, virus defense with one-click operation
  • Block IM (QQ, MSN), MSN video with one-click operation
  • Block P2P (emule, BitTorrent) with one-click operation

4. Low cost and high performance
With the leading operating system ReOS, 841 delivers high-performance hardware platform with low cost, and provides features of access control, security management, network maintenance.
In addition, UTT Technologies offers a new service system UTTCare in July 2007, which will enhance the product value greatly.

Key Features

  • Support connection via DSL, FTTx+LAN and Cable Modem
  • 1 10/100M LAN port, 4 10/100M WAN ports
  • Support express forwarding, throughput up to 200 Mbps, 140 Kpps
  • Max number of concurrent NAT sessions: 30,000
  • Multiple Internet connections, support backup and load balancing
  • Support NAPT/NAT, routing and hybrid mode
  • Support port forwarding (up to 50) and DMZ
  • Integrated firewall to protect network against ARP spoofing, port scanning, DoS/DDoS attack and virus
  • Support personal policy
  • Support 3-class management: personal, group and global
  • Policy database update
  • Block P2P/ IM (MSN, QQ) with one-click operation
  • Bind IP/MAC with one-click operation
  • Support bandwidth control
  • Support NAT session limit
  • Packet filter based on address, protocol and port
  • Layer 7 filter based on URL, keyword and website
  • Support DHCP Server, DHCP Client, and DHCP Static Binding (up to 200)
  • Support IP/MAC binding (up to 200 ), whitelist and blacklist
  • Support IP/MAC auto binding and binding all IP/MAC
  • Support PPPoE Server, up to 50 accounts
  • Support address group (up to 20)
  • Support schedule management
  • Support SNTP
  • Support UPnP
  • Support DDNS
  • Support DNS Proxy
  • Support MAC address cloning
  • Support static routing (up to 512), RIPI and RIP II
  • Support VPN pass-through of L2TP, PPTP and IPSec
  • Support Web user interface, CLI, and remote admin
  • Support SNMP
  • Support SYSLOG
  • Support configuration backup and restore
  • Firmware update through Web, TFTP
  • Offer different modes of monitoring and diagnosis
  • UTT routers: http://uttglobal.com/products.php?typeid=27