Women treatment in concentration camps
By: Breonna Wooldridge

A summary about my topic

The women in concentration camps were abused. They were not being freed like they are supposed to. If they are pregnant they get their babies snatched out of them. They were forced to dig holes and didn't know if it was for them.

10 fact

- they were being tortured and killed

- disallowing educational opportunities

- was not the cuase of extreem violence happening to them

- cared for each other

- infints were killed before they were born

- women were prevented from having childern

- they were being tricked into taking showers with gas as the water

- they will be shaved everywhere

- they were being raped over and over again

- they didn't have protection for their cycle


people went into hiding

hither soldiers found them

they captured them and tortured them

soon later they would kill them

Who were 5 women in the holocaust

Anne Frank's mother : she was one of the women that were sent to concentration camps.

Anne Frank : she wrote a diary for her life being a Jew

Anne Frank,  teachers wife: she was taken the day the holocaust started

Hannah Szehes : a talented poet, and a parachutist

Haika Grossman : she was a leader of ghetto resistance organization

What hero was associated with your topic?

Hitler children was the hero because they stopped the holocaust for the women

Why is it important that know about the Holocaust

Its important for people to know my topic because...people should know how it was. They need to appreciate the life they got now because people were being tortured and killed after some time. Its also important for them to know this because if this ever happens again they will know what to do and whats going on in their lives.

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