The Wonderful World of Internships

By Elizabeth Wellmann

What exactly is an internship?

An internship is a job that you usually don't get paid for.  But you gain experience in a field that interests you.  When you apply for an internship you need to think about the following (brought to you by The U.S. Department of Labor.):

1.  The internship is supposed to be given in an educational environment.

2.  The internship is for the benefit of the person who is the intern.

3.  The intern will not displace any employee, but will be supervised by the staff.

4.  The employer is not allowed to take advantage of the activities of the intern; occasionally these actions may be impeded.

5.  The intern is not necessarily entitled to a job.

6.  Both employer and intern understand that the intern is not entitled wages.

How to Apply For an Internship

After you have chosen the internship that best suits you, the internet and just asking around help with that process, you typically need the following:

1.  A resume with a cover letter information.  This needs to include a list of references.

2.  A letter of recommendation.  (Depending on the internship you may need more)

3.  Bring what has been stated above for the interview.  (Keep eye contact and be confident.)

4. Send a formally written thank you note to the company who gave you the interview.

What to Wear For an Interview

When you head out on an interview, whether it is for a job or an internship, dress nicely.  No shorts, jeans, or T-shirts.   Women should wear dresses, appropriated length skirts and a dressy shirt, or dress pants and a dressy shirt.  Men should wear dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie.  A sports coat would not hurt either.  Just keep it classy ladies and gentelmen.

Contact Information

When it comes to contact information there are plenty of information.  You can visit the company you wish to intern for and they can give you the proper contact information of you can visit their website, which almost all companies have these days.

Helpful Sites


All of the sites mention above plus google for the internships picture.

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