Problems with Verb Usage

Lesson Objectives:  

In this lesson, you will work with improving your sentence structure by dealing with specific verb problems.  You will review the videos, extra links, and images to help you gain information about dealing with problems in subject-verb agreement, active vs. passive voice, and inappropriate tense shifting.

The Pretest

Begin by taking the pretest assessment to show what you already know about verbs. Your teacher will pass this out and use it to determine which sections of this lesson you should focus your attention on.

Notes:  As you complete each part of the lesson, take notes in your digital notebook.

Video Lesson 1:  Subject and Verb Agreement

Take notes as needed during each video lesson.  You will need them to study for the assessment at the end.

Video Lesson 2:  Active and Passive Voice

Don't forget to take notes.  This one can be a little tricky to remember.

Video Lesson 3:  Unnecessary Tense Shifting

You might be pretty good at noticing these, but be sure to add any new information to your notes.

Practice Activities

Be sure that you have completed all practice activities throughout the lesson.  Your practice activities are essential to making sure that you clearly understand the material.  

Exit Ticket

Show what you know!  In your digital notebook, summarize what you have learned in this lesson.  If you are still having difficulty on any part of the lesson, be sure to include that information in your summary so that your teacher may help you address any concerns.