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Done At Last

All of the college students let out a sigh of relief as their finals come to a close this week. I know that I am super pleased to be finally over with all of my classes. All of the stress from the first semester is released now that one semester is under your belt. I did not know what to expect from finals but I knew that they were crazy. Everything was difficult but


Even just hearing that word makes all college students cringe. With the end of December approaching, college students are dreading the endless finals they will endure. Even though we still have to put up with these finals, I like thinking of them with a different light.

Instead of complaining or going over your head about how much work you have to do for finals, why not exemplify the fact that in just two weeks, you will be done! Look at the outcome and where you are heading. Don't focus on how much work it is but that it will soon be in the past.

A friend of mine brought up an interesting point during my midterms week. "Everyone is stressing about one test that you will never remember about after you get out of college. By the time you graduate, you won't remember what final tests you had to take, but you would remember the memories that you helped make." I love this and I really think it applies. So don't be stressing out too much for finals but really gain knowledge and use what you have learned.


Smile and laugh whenever you can. You never know who enjoys seeing your smile everyday. Who knows, maybe it might brighten their day.

Here's a Little More

"Tired of sad days and loneliness? You just don't smile like you used to? Aching back pains from stress? Happiness seems impossible to find? Well we have the solution for you! Click the button above for endless hours on how to gain happiness. And if you act now, we will double the offer and give you more than you ever expected! All this for the low price of $10.99 plus shipping and handling." Infomercials do well so I thought I'd start a post like it. Fortunately for you, it's actually free! I am big fan of Ted talks and they happen to provide many videos related to happiness. Click the button above to explore!

It's What?

Happiness can be defined in a dictionary. Below I have attached the Merriam-Webster definition of happiness. Even though some people have similar definitions of happiness, I believe everyones definition is different.

Just how everyone is not exactly alike, happiness changes for everyone. What makes the homeless man happy differs from the happiness of Apple's CEO. All of it is relative. The world gives endless opportunities to be a happy person. Go out and make your story. Tell the dictionary what happiness means to you.

We're Just Having Fun

College becomes the experience of a lifetime for some people. Tonight has just been a fun night for me. I have been working on having more fun in everything that I do. How have I done this tonight? I'm glad you asked!

First! A friend and I went to the Art Museum to check it out. This visit happened to be the first time for both of us there. Even though I was not too excited about art, I enjoyed hanging out with my friend and seeing this monumental part of St. Louis.

Second! For Gorlok Guides tonight we had a nice potluck dinner with all of the employees. I have not laughed with anyone so much as I did with them tonight. Getting to spend time with these people tonight was definitely a blessing.

Third! I have some left over hot chocolate mix from a Residential Housing Association event and I decided to make some for my friends. And who does not enjoy free hot chocolate! None of my friends of course.

Fourth! While working on my blog tonight, I happen to run into my friend named Tiffany Gordon. I creeped up behind her and scared her. Not once, but twice. It just made me laugh so much. This kind of happiness just makes me love life.

Fifth! Remember that hot chocolate mix I had? Well in that bag of leftovers, there happened to be some mini marshmallows. My hands took the opportunity and started flinging them at Tiffany and others around. I brought out my inner child and pretty much rolled on the floor laughing.

Needless to say, tonight happened to be a great night. Why depress yourself with sadness when you can live and enjoy every moment?


I mean, how cute is this?

1,000 Things

I am not familiar where I learned about this book but it was mentioned to me a year or two ago. It is called "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are" by Ann Voskamp.Here is a synopsis from Amazon.com to give a little insight about the book:

Just like you, Ann Voskamp hungers to live her one life well. Forget the bucket lists that have us escaping our everyday lives for exotic experiences. 'How,' Ann wondered, 'do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties? What does the Christ-life really look like when your days are gritty, long--and sometimes even dark?' In One Thousand Gifts, Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings and embark on the transformative spiritual discipline of chronicling God's gifts. It's only in this expressing of gratitude for the life we already have, we discover the life we've always wanted...a life we can take, give thanks for, and break for others. Let Ann's beautiful, heart-aching stories of the everyday give you a way of seeing that opens your eyes to ordinary amazing grace, a way of being present to God that makes you deeply happy, and a way of living that is finally fully alive.

When I heard about this book, I knew I wanted to do something very similar. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is fitting that I am writing this blog post. I have been creating this list for a while and I hope to be to 1000 within the next few years.

Are You Part of the 33%?

According to a Harris post of 2,345 people, only 33% of them claimed to be happy. I think this number shouldn't be anywhere close to where it is now. The survey also explains that the optimistic level in America is decreasing also. I find it hard to think that our numbers in America are so low. You only have so long to live and so long to spend with your family so I believe we all should make the most out of it!

Here's Some Advice

Most people say that they do not have enough time to find happiness. They use the excuse that they are too busy or do not have enough time. Here are fourteen ways to be happier person.

Happiness Project


Do you know the person who sits in the cubicle over from you? Do you know the kid you just walked past on your way to class? Do you know the person you see everyday on a walk? Sometimes you walk by the same person all the time but you do not even know their name. Take some time to get to know them.

Coming to college here at Webster, I knew no one. I left all of my friends at home and came here to meet new ones. Needless to say, butterflies of nervousness existed. I had faith that everything would work out well. It intrigues me how everyone has a story and everyone's story can be completely different.

Whenever I have the chance, I take the opportunity to meet someone new. You never know how they could affect your life in the future.

Quote Your Life

Life In Perspective

As I browsed Facebook while sitting in my dorm, I found this video and thought it would be great to use. I have seen a few videos with the similar idea to this but I like how this one really puts life into perspective. I'll let the video do the rest of the talking! :)


My mother really advocates for positivity in everything in life. She focuses on making her day better and enjoy every second. I try and exemplify these beliefs in my life.

Why have a really crappy day when you can turn it around and make it an enjoyable day? Why have a horrible day when someone else is doing a lot worse than you?

In everything I do, I try and enjoy every second. As the useless catch phrase goes, YOLO! Enjoy your time you have here and with the people you love.

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