Jab, Jab, Hook

The Contender by Robert Lipsyte
Jason Lopez

Alfred is an 11 grade drop out about 17-18 years old. Alfred is one of those kids that hangs with other kids that do bad things like rob a store. the store they steel from is where Alfred works at. Alfred finds Mr. Donatllies Boxing gym and started his career their. Alfred has a friend named James and Alfred want James to become a better person. The characters in the story are Aunt Pearl, Major, Mr. Epstein, Henry,Mr. Donatellie ,Spoon. Their is also a good big friend of Alfred called Jelly Belly.

Things That I Liked About This Book And Disliked

  1. 1. I liked it because had some action and i like action, it also had a main character, and finally it ended really great.

2. I disliked that it had to end at the best part of the book.

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