The Stamp Act of 1765

The Stamp Act was a tax on all paper goods, that outraged the colonies due to lack of representation, in order to make the colonies pay for the French and Indian War.

       This teapot was the colonist reaction to the Stamp Act. They would post slogans on items they would use everyday to make a stand against this ridiculous act. The colonist knew that if they agreed to pay for this tax that the British Parliament would enforce more and more ridiculous, unnecessary laws for the sole reason to profit off the colonist.

       The Stamp Act of 1765 was the British Parliament's response to the French and Indian War to force the American colonies pay for the war. This tax would affect essentially all the colonist because it was a tax on all paper goods, so licenses, shipping material, contracts, etc.  This angered the colonists because they felt that the tax was forced upon them. The term taxation without representation was born.

       This stamp was the stamp that colonist would put on their papers to show that they are against paying this tax.

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