Brianna with chocolate skin

Brianna of sandy red hair

Brianna whose personality is as bubbly as can be

Is a daughter of a king and queen

A girl that really loves to sing

A girl that turns negative into positive things

A girl that has a personality like a souring crane

A girl that is not so happy when in pain

A girl that loves to help people when in need

Brianna is always happy and nice

A person who is always surrounded by friends

A person that knows the fun will never end.

Because she is a trustworthy person that you can depend on

Inside boots and blue jeans

Inside a box full of dreams

Inside a room where she hears everyone scream

Is a caring and confident person

A girl that has a big imagation

A girl that loves all creations

A girl that has lots of inspiration

A girl that is not a quitter

A girl that is always a winner

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