Life isn’t easy, no matter how good you think you’ve got it.


I believe in the God’s love,

the love of my parents,

the love of my friends,

the fun of life,

the power of words,

of actions, of friendship, of courage,


I believe in hatred,

I believe in pain,

I believe in sadness,

anger, violence, quitting,

And I believe in the bullying of other people

My Personal Credo

           “Life isn’t easy, no matter how good you think you’ve got it”, that’s the phrase I live my life by. Because life isn’t easy, it isn’t easy for anyone. Everyone has struggles and issues. It could be good one second and bad the next.

          This credo describes my life. My mom always tells me,”you’ve got it good Hunter”, so I apply it to my life. This credo always reminds me that life requires courage and perseverance. Life isn’t just a piece of cake, it’s rough and rugged. If anyone thinks life is great, they are wrong. You could have all of the money in the world, but still have hardships in your life.

           This credo will help me throughout my life, it will never change. Unless my life completely falls apart, this phrase will always describe my life. This phrase describes most peoples lives, even if they think it doesn’t. Everyone that lives in this country we call America should think this. That life is hard. This credo will shape how I think in the future. When I grow up. When I go to college and when I get a job. Life will be even harder then. I can see it evolving in front of me because I am growing up. I’m already in high school!

          This credo is important to me. It will help me to grow wiser in my life and my decisions. I would hope that everyone would put this credo in there life. Because it describes everyone’s life. It will help everyone to help there lives to be actually easier! Because it will make them wiser in what they think and what they do with there lives.

By: Hunter Scruggs

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