Colon cancer

by:Dhatri Shukla

Colon cancer is cancer of the large bowel, the last five or six feet of the large intestine (What is Colorectal cancer?,2014). It usual occurs in persons 40`s (What is Colorectal cancer?, 2014).

Nutrients responsible for diesease

Fat is a major contribution to the cause colon cancer. Diets high in fat, cause people to be obese increasing the risk of tumors (Does being obeseity cause colon cancer, 2014).  Avoid trans fat and saturated fat as it is worse than other types fat like unsaturated fats. Although, eating the omega 3 fatty foods are shown to prove that they protect against cancer. Thus, eat less saturated fat and more omega 3 fatty foods like salmon.

TOO MUCH FAT or too little!

When there is an excess of fat it is stored into our body. Overtime, this fat increases leading to obesity and diabetes. This also causes people to have high cholesterol levels and leads to heart problems. This leads to helping tumors devolp and causes colon and many other types of cancer (Does being obesity cause colon cancer,2014).

Fat provides energy to allow you to function properly. If there is less fat in your body you feel tired and do not have more energy to do things. Also you could have vitamin deficiency because fat solvable vitamins like A,DE,K need fat to be utilized.

foods to avoid

Red meat have a strong correlation to cancer. They are alright in moderation but when eaten a lot they increase the risk of colon cancer, scientist argue as to why but most believe it is due to the fat content (Red meat and colon cancer, March 2008).


Fiber is a nutrient found in cereals, bread and flour. Fiber is known to keep us regular, help with digestion and keep us feeling full. A diet low in fiber leads to fatigue, constipation and weight gain. Fibre also supports preventing colon cancer, so people with less fiber in their diets, they will be more likely to contract colon cancer

(Can Fiber Help Protect Against Cancer?,2014).


Prevent colon cancer

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Treatment(in CANADA)

One of the most common use of treatment is surgery. Surgeons might surgically remove cancer cells, certain tissues, some or all of the colon depending on the severity. Surgery is usually successful in the earlier stages of cancer (What is Colorectal cancer,2014).Another form of  treatment is chemotherapy, the injection of drugs to destroy cancer cells. While this treatment is rather successful (although again in early stages), it has many side effects like loss of hair (What is Colorectal cancer,2014). Another way to cure cancer is radiation. Although this is not used much because it has a high risk of being unsuccessful because radiation causes cancer. The last form of treatment is cryosurgery, it destroys cancerous cells by using the extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen. This is a relatively new surgery form so more research needs to be done on its success rate (What is Colorectal cancer,2014).

Nutritional illness today

Where colon cancer is

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why colon cancer exists

Colon cancer exists for two reasons. One technology has found no concrete way to prevent and cure cancer. Another is the culture we live in. We tend to want fast and cheap food. These foods often contain high amount of fats in them causing us to eat more that our daily recommended intake. Also in our daily lives, we do not get enough exercise because we are too busy or lazy. This causes fat to be stored and eventually turn into obesity leading to colon cancer.


Colon cancer, is caused due to fat and lack of exercise and can be prevented through a diet high in fiber and excercise.

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