1984 Reading Log

Parts 1-2

In these parts they provide an overview of what life was like for Winston in one day. The descriptions  of a Two Minute Hate. All this leads up to his writing of a rebellious diary entry, which changes how Winston thinks.


Why does Winston think these thoughts when others don't?

Why do kids think hangings are amusing?

Learning Station 1


Talks a lot

Brings up hypothetical situations

Stretches a lot

Thinks, not afraid to talk

Yush may think outside the box and question things he doesn't agree with. He would argue and try to prove to others he was right.

Watching someone felt strange but after a while it becomes like a normal task. Being a camera with a brain that is able to evaluate characteristics. I did not feel that it was creepy, but rather a job. I did not have many feelings about watching someone.


Without any compunction, the  government destroys words and replaces them with less emotional words to control the people.  This method is no acrid in anyway, but rather very smooth and subtle, no one notices this slow brain washing except Wilson.  By controlling language expression is controlled, successfully creating an indulgent army for the Party. This control of language also quells any rebellious thoughts as there would be no more words for them to think against the government with. This tacit controlling though language control is suppressing creative and I depended thoughts.

Why does Winston not get brainwashed ?

Why does Winston go to the proles and do things there?

Why do the proles not revolt?

Though the only hope of revolution "lies in the proles" . They of not revolt because they are unaware of their power in numbers . The proles care more about sports and the lottery that no one wins. The magazines they receive brainwash them into not caring and not thinking.

Winston and Julia

Winston and Julia's relationship is mostly sexual and talking. Julia is drawn to Winston because he looks like he does not like the Party while Winston is drawn to Julia because she is young. Their relationship is a symbol or rebellion against the Party because sexual relationships and sexual urges were against the unsaid laws. Their relationships is heading towards disaster because there is likely little time until the thought police find out they hate the Party.


The war is peace is visualized by an army as the Party often mentions the war and the soldiers fighting. The reason so little info is given is to make them find out how they can do this.


1984 modern day reality

So the United States of America is actually Oceania , we are becoming a dictatorship right under our noses.  The perpetual war since WW2 is one of the characteristics of 1984's Oceania. The controlling of the American minds through fear of terrorism and over emphasis by paid media, Bush grabbed a hold onto the Americans. This grab allows Bush to take their rights with the consent of the people. With more laws taking the rights built up, and all the war, America is become like Oceania in 1984. The controlling of media to control what the Americans know causes the numbing of the people allowing them to become controlled.  

Rubbish the Party had invented -166

He was abolished, an unperson -171-172

The proles are human beings,’ he said aloud. ‘We are not human. -179

“Oranges and lemons,’ say the bells of St Clement’s,

‘You owe me three farthings,’ say the bells of St Martin’s,‘

When will you pay me?’ say the bells of Old Bailey,‘

When I grow rich,’ say the bells of Shoreditch

. ‘You knew the last line!’ said Winston.”-193

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