Civil War Journal

By: Thomas Smith

Journal Entry 1

My Name is Thomas Smith, I am a Union general from Brewer, Maine. I am at little round top, Gettysburg with little troops and little ammo. I am in a battle more at myself than I am with the confederates. I am fighting over the fact if I should fix bayonets or I should face defeat as it is. But I must take the chance, we have to win. I will do it. We must rush the opponents and win the fight.

Photo Prompt# 1: Color

These flowers represent the love I have for the country and my family and the letter represents that I am fighting for my country and my family.

Journal Entry 2

Orville Mott: You’re a hard case but I think you’re a little played out.

Thomas Smith: Thanks but I’m fit as a fiddle.

Orville Mott: Boy you’re whipped is what you are. We need as many men as we can get and we don’t need to lose one because he has too much confidence in himself.

Thomas Smith: Sir I'm a chief cook, I can do it.

Orville Mott: Those graybacks are gettin’ closer. Ya best run.

Thomas Smith: No sir, must be toeing the mark.

Orville Mott: Alright let’s skedaddle.

Photo Prompt# 2: Morning

The sunrise starts my day, it represents that there is a new beginning and possibly a new world.

Journal Entry 3

Today I got punished for talking back to the general so I had to where the barrel the rest of the day. So in the morning I woke up really tired. And we were about to start our drills when John was arguing with Joshua (soldiers) so I told them to stop when the general stopped by and told us to do our chores, so I did. I first cleaned my gun, then my tent, then my clothes and uniform, then I saw them fighting this time. I told them to stop but then they wouldn't so I had to call the general so he gave them a punishment as well as I for telling on them and talking back to him for no reason. So, I hope you understand.

Journal Entry 4

Interview #1 Jeremiah, when you chose to Join the confederacy,

what caused you to make that choice? I had to stay and fight with my brother on an epic adventure.

Interview #2 Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about? I am happy that my brother and I got fight side by side in the war.

Interview #3 Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish I could see my brother one last time. After losing he is all that is on my mind right now and I am so mad at myself  for not sticking with him instead of running away.

Interview #4 Jeremiah, do you feel you truly mad the right choices throughout this journey? Yes I believe that I mad all the right choices up until my brother... yes I believe that seeing all those men dead in the battlefield and my brother being gone mad me stronger, mentally and physically.

Photo Prompt # 3: Fun

These are the playing cards I play with, today I got a lucky draw,

Journal Entry 5

Today at camp I spend my time having fun with my friends. I played cards with them and played chess with them and even liked doing chores with them. We try to have fun with everything we do because it was very boring just to sit around and do chores all day. And my favorite meal was the roasted corn that they had, the funny thing is that it kinda tasted like popcorn. I have it everyday and I really like it. Hope to see you soon, Thomas Smith.

Photo Prompt # 4: Battle

This musket is mine, I fought with it and nearly died with it, it represents my honor for my country and family.

Journal Entry 6

Civil War March

Chorus: The boys march under the flag.

The boys march out under the flag.

It gives them all the courage,

to go and fight the rebels

the boys march under the flag

Line 1: They Look up at the stripes and stars

Line 2: Get morale and wounds and scars

Line 3: The boys march out under the flag

Line 4: The boys march next to the flag

Journal Entry 7

Today I have experienced the true meaning of war. I have seen the living become dead in a blink of an eye. I have seen many screaming their lovers name in pain. I have seen piles of corpses and body parts. And my close friend got shot on the leg and when I went to visit him, they had announced that they had to amputate his leg because the bone was not reparable. After that, he got used to the feeling of  not having a leg and he got better. I now understand the slaughter of war.

Photo Prompt: Home

This is my home. When I come home I will come home and love my kids and wife and live here happily because we have won the war.

Journal Entry 8

When I came home to my family, friends, and kids. I was excited to finally come back home and see my family. Now that we have won the war the two sides can finally live in peace and freedom. My family was honored and praised that I was the general of the winning side. And our family lived in happiness since.

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