Emmett Till

Emmit till Was born on July 25, 1941 Chicago, Illinois. Emmit never knew his father, who was a private in the U.S Army during World War 2. Emmit Till who went by the nickname BoBo, grew up in a thriving, middle-class neighborhood was a heaven for black owned buisnesses. Emmit Till was stricken with polio disease at the age of 5, but managed to make a full recovery. Emmit attended an all-black school called McCosh Grammer school.

On August 19, 1955 Mamie Till (Emmit's mom) Gave him his late father's signet ring, engraved with the initials "L.T." The next day she drove her son to the 63rd street station in Chicago. They kissed goodbye and Emmit boarded the train headed for Mississippi. it was the last time they ever saw each other. One day on August 24, 1955 Emmit and a group of oher teenagers went to a grocery store, Emmit bought bubble gum, some of the kids with him reported that he whistled and flirted with the store clerk. Four days latter he was kidnapped by the woman's husband Roy Bryant they beat him and draged him onto the water. http://www.austinweeklynews.com/ArchiveImages/3963b.jpg

Although his mother (Mamie, who died of heart failure in 2003) would never stop feeling the pain she will never forget what happened to her son Emmit Till

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