Cartilaginous Joints

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What is a Cartilaginous Joint?

Cartilaginous Joint is NOT a Synovial joint, it is not as freely movable. It is usually immovable or partly movable.

Symphysis Joints

This is just one type of Cartilaginous joints. Symphysis joints have fibrocartilage between bones.

Articulating Bones

The Sternum and the first rib, Epiphyseal joints, Vertebrae, Pubic Symphisis

Types of Movement

There are none.

Muscles/Ligaments Involved

There are none.


Osteoarthritis is the result of broken down cartilage is a common disorder most likely to occur with age, trauma, or repeated actions (usually found in Sports Events).

Examples: Joint Dislocation, ligament tear, Fall/Impact

Common Surguries

There is a surgery that can repair these injuries. Younger people are more likely to benefit from them rather than older people but it is still available.

The knee is the most common area for cartilage restoration, but the ankle and shoulder may also be treated.

Common Procedures include: Micro fracture, Drilling, Abrasion, Transplantation, Chondrocyte Implantation, Cholesterol Auto graft/Allograft

Fun Facts!

There is no such thing as being Double Jointed. "Double Jointed" means Hyper-mobile. It is just when people are more flexible than "normal."

Knee joint is the largest most complex and most commonly injured joint in the body.

The MOST MOVABLE joint in the body is the shoulder.

There is no evidence that cracking your joints makes you more prone to arthritis. Cracking knuckles is just a rapid change of pressure creating a CRACK sound.

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