Bloodshot 1.0

Bloodshot 1.0

I was challenged to make a game. I jumped right in. I had already made a character on Inkscape. I used my character from Inkscape as the playable character, and mapped W, A,S,d as the movement keys. I also wanted space to use a sword. I made another costume this time with a sword. When space is pressed the second costume shows briefly.  The enemy is a bat, The character shoos him away with his sword. The bat will damage you if you aren't using your sword to guard. When your health is zero you lose.

I encountered many problems, Like preventing spamming the sword, and causing damage. The creation was very time consuming.  

In the future I would like to make a whole series, each with different concepts. My favorite thing was probably all the coding behind the sword. To Make it better I would probably add random spawning tho the bat, so he comes from a different direction every time you shoo him away.

If you are interested in the game the link below is the website.

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