Continuity & Change

In the past 18 years the united states has changed vastly but the principles of Americanism has stayed the same. From our global, technological and cultural standpoints we've made great leaps and bounds all while remaining consistent with late 20th century ideas.

Notorious B.I.G/1997/Machine Gun Funk/song/cultural

The East vs. West coast rap were in full swing by the late nineties. This created a civil war style of divide between rappers on the two coasts. The attended audience was other west coast rappers that weren't as "hardcore" as those on the east coast. Biggie was representing the east coast and trying to defend his homies.

This is very culturally relevant to the time period. Reason being that this song represents the tension between the two coasts. This song is a perfect example of the hostility that was sewn into the late 20th century America

George W. Bush/2001/post 9/11 speech/ speech/u.s world

The United States had just been attacked by terrorism by way of planes crashing into the world trade center towers, the pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers bravely fought against the hijackers. Bush made this speech to comfort the American people after the greatest tragedy since Pearl Harbor. Bush wants to get his message across that we are strong and we will overcome this.

This is single handedly the most significant event this century. This was during Bush's first year as president. He focused mainly on domestic policies during his campaign but after these events he had to switch to foreign concerns. These events set forth the country's main priorities for the next 14 years and beyond.

Sony Entertainment/2002/commercial/culture

Video games had been popular in the arcades for decades however it had only been around 15 years since the home video game industry boomed. The playstation 2 offered a game library like no other and is to this day the best selling game console globally. Sony knew that those kids who grew up in the mid nineties were now teenagers so they marketed this product towards them. By including a rad song, awesome games and an attractive girl. They wanted to bring in the people who had a history with games and were very successful.

Since the PS2 was the best selling console of all time many people had them and they hold nostalgia for many people. The PS2 was the first step this century of video game popularity. The success of this allowed for other successes such as the XBOX 360 and the nintendo Wii. Video games are apart of pop-culture but more specifically the PS2 is pop culture.

LEE HUDSON TESLIK/2009/Backgrounder U.S Stimulus/Article/politics

The United states had just elected their first black president. With Barack Obama's election big promises came one of them was fixing the U.S's economy. The way he went about doing this was spending copious amounts of money on public projects in hopes of getting cash flowing. The audience of this article is the American people who want a preview of Obama's new program.

This is significant politically because it is the biggest executive spending program. This was a turning point from Bush's Conservative approach to the economy. It represents a change in the U.S's economy but also shows how the executive branch continues to have an increased role in the U.S

Associated press/2010/drone strike/picture/tech

The united states military has remained strong since WWII. However we are getting smarter as well. The emergence of unmanned drones has made our military more sophisticated and less risky. This photographer wanted to show the down side to drones because of their destructive nature. However the photographer is ignoring the fact that war is in fact quite destructive.

The new drone technology has reinvented the United States military. Because of this new tech less U.S soldiers die and battles can be won from afar. This is the most cutting edge Military technology and allows the military to grow more freely and prosperously.

Sean Azzariti/2012/first legal consumer/picture/politics

Marijuana legalization has been a debated issue for many years in this country. In 2012 Colorado and Washington voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then the state has seen a decrease in drug crimes and increased tax revenue. The purpose of this photograph was to show the sincere joy this law has made to certain people, especially people like Sean Azzariti, who is a former marine who supported legalization due to it's benefits with fighting PTSD.

This was a major movement for the American political landscape. It not only legalized the most widely used drug in the United States. It also presented a huge movement in States Rights as something federally illegal is completely legal in a state. Other states are following in Co and WA's footsteps including Delaware which is working on decriminalizing marijuana currently.

SUSAN L. BRANTLEY and ANNA MEYENDORFF/2013/facts on fracking/article/tech

Energy has been one of the most crucial topics in the United States. It has recently been discovered that the United States has one of the biggest deposits of natural gas on earth. This gas can be used to fuel our cars and homes. The technique of extracting this gas is known as fracking although not much is known about it there is a lot of skepticism. The authors of this article want to clear the air about misconceptions of fracking and set straight of what is known.

This is one of the biggest technological advances in recent years. With this technology we could eliminate our dependency on middle eastern countries and get out of that area that has caused a lot of conflict this century. We could be a supplier of gas to other countries thus creating jobs and boosting the United States economy. This technology could potentially make America the biggest energy producer on the planet.

Barack Obama/2015/isis speech/artifact/U.S world

The United States of America has been fighting against terrorism since the September 11th attacks. A militant terrorist group ISIS has sprung up in the middle east and are very dangerous and deadly.  Obama is trying to comfort the American people similar to how George W. Bush did after 9/11. Obama wants to remind the American people of their strength.

This is significant to America's place in the world because it shows everyone that we won't tolerate this behavior and we WILL put a stop to it. This is another example of the 21st century trend of America being the world police and getting involved to promote peace.

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