Be BOLD and bring along GOLD!

All About Bold Gold!

    Gold is a shiny, bright yellow, and a ductile metal.  Gold is a transitional metal, which means is with all metals, the transition elements are both ductile and malleable, and conduct electricity and heat. Gold is a group 11 element on the periodic table.  Gold has 79 protons and electrons, 118 neutrons , and 2 valence electrons. Gold can be used is electronics as a conductor, also is trophies, jelwry and more.

melting point= 1,336 (k)  

boiling point= 2,933 (k)

GOLD, Why do we need that?   Going to a new planet can be frightening You can have fears of being homeless, broke, and mistreated. Throw those worries out the window with gold. There will probably be no american money, so your big bartering will be with gold! You will be the richest person on the planet!  You will always have a place to live if you have gold in your back pocket. Also no one will mess with you, because you have the richest that means you have all the power!!!

       Aliens will also know not to bother you. You can make shield and swords out of gold. No person or creature will ever mess with you!  Worried about social standing? nope not anymore the value and bling of the gold will push you right to the top of the social food chain on this new, foreign planet.

biological need- I gave this catigore 1 star because gold has non or very little of these properties.

Social need- I gave social need 4 stars for many reasons, trade, power, and wealth. Gold can be used for all these things.

Functional Need- Gold is a functional need because, you can use metal for electronics, trophies, and jewelry.

Defensive need- I choose 4 stars for this one because you can make shields and swords out of gold, to fight of aliens and predators.

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