Going to Cuba is like going back to the 60's.





Cuba has a tropical climet.

Common Cuban foods are mostly rice, chicken and beans.

However some in poverty eat whatever they can get their hands on.

Cuba's Politics

Cuba is communist country but is changing.

Citizens we're ruled by Fidel Castro who over threw the Cuban Government in 1959 his

time as President of Cuba lasted tell 2008 when he announced he was stepping down.

Cuba's Economy

Everyone in Cuba get paid the same no matter what job you have.

Importing and exporting Cuban currency is illegal and can be punished by prison time.

There are two different types of Cuban currency, the Cuban peso and the Cuban convertible.

Cuban peso - Is for Citizens only and is not wroth as much as the Convertible.

Cuban convertible - Tourists mainly use this currency and can be used by Cubans to buy luxury items.

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