Light Painting
By: Trae Pecinovsky

1. What actions did you use? Why did you use them? I used brightness and adjusted it a lot, I also used vibrance and color adjuster. I used them because I like the way it made the picture look.

2. How did you make this picture your own? Why did you take the photo you took for the theme? I made this my now by taking the picture and thinking of the idea YOLO, and making it look the way it looks. I took this photo for the theme because I thought it would look cool.

3. What would you change about your assignment? I don't think I would change anything I like everything about my photo and think it looks great.

4. What do you really like about your photo? I really like how you editing changed it and made everything completely dark around it and made the YOLO stick out more and how the yellow kinda thickened and made like dots at the end of each letter. And also how theres like a green outline on the Y.

5. I really like @marlenys Bokah photo, because I like how the light is blurry and how the you can see the outline of the bottle and how its really dark black.