this is the original stimulus for my IA, from here i searched for images of toy hand grenades circa 1960

this is an advertisement for a toy hand grenade. from here I searched for "Honor House Products Corp."

this is an advertisement for the Honor house tank toy. from here i searched for "Sherman Tank".

this is a photograph of the 749th tank battalion. this caused me to search for the "749th Tank Battalion"

I found the 749th tank battalion Facebook page, there are allot of veterans talking about their stories here. this caused me to look for more veterans stories.

this is what the rest of my PPP is based on. until i researched more and found several examples of the united states  and hostage situations so i am going to focus on hostage situations

now my PPP focuses on three events the Tripolitan War (1801-1805) the Perdicarus crisis (1904) and the Merrill Newman incident (2013). these represent American Foreign Policy through the years and three seperate timelines