Author William Ritter

Main Characters

Jackaby  is the detective in the story trying to solve the murders he also has a keen eye for the supernatural.

Abgail just arrived at new fiddleham and is trying to find a job she later becomes jackaby's partner.

Short description of the story so far.

Abigail Rook Arrives and New Fiddleham, New England she runs into jackaby for the first time when she gets off the boat. She starts to look for a job and she see an add for a dective agency later it turn out to be for jackaby's office. Jackaby's is relectant at first to let her have the job but later gives it to her. They look into a few murders and each victim had a few pints of blood missing Vampires maybe?

New Fiddleham

New Fiddleham is fictional but in would be located here if it was real.

Would I recommend

I would recommend this book if you have every seen Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes I like the book. Even if you haven't watched one of them it is still a great book.

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