Isadora and the true meaning of Christmas.

Isadora and the true meaning of Christmas is about a girl who has hard time trying to help people understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Chapter 1

It was a cold, and windy, night in London, England it was December 23, 1888 everybody was rushing around buying presents and not paying attention to the true meaning of Christmas. Except for one little girl named Isadora Montoya she seemed like the only one who cared about the true meaning of christmas, it is not that she did not mind the presents that she got but she mostly wanted to spend christmas with her family but her family didn’t care to.

Isadora tried to tell her family the true meaning of Christmas but they never payed attention to her when it came to explaining something no matter how hard she tried.

Chapter 2

Christmas eve

The morning of christmas eve isadora woke up with high hopes that her family would finally listen to her but when she went to talk with her parents her hopes had shattered her family would not listen to her and they told her that she should go outside and play with all the other kids instead of trying to tell them something that wasn’t true. So Isadora did as her parents said and went to the park there she met a friend her name was Clementine, Clementine was unlike the other kids she was shorter and more friendly but most of all jolly, Isadora thought she was the only one that was jolly this Christmas but she was shocked to see that Clementine was also very jolly but she didn’t know why. When Isadora met Clementine she told her the problem that was bothering her and Clementine said that she could help with her problem because she knew of someone named Kris, Kris Kringle to be exact. Isadora thought that name was a little funny sounding but she trusted Clementine so she went on with her day. Once it started to get late Isadora headed home, when Isadora arrived at her house all of her family members were doing what they usually do her father James was in the living reading a book and her mother Mary Elizabeth was in the kitchen cooking so isadora went back to her room to think how clementine was going to to tell her friend named kris about what was going on. Isadora stopped thinking about it and was off to bed. It was the middle of the night and heard the biggest crash she had ever heard and it came from the living room. Isadora got up and ran to the living room and saw all of the presents missing but there was one peculiar object by the corner as her eyes settled on the object it was no other than Clementine but this time Clementine was an elf.

Chapter 3

The trip

Isadora ran to Clementine and asked her what happened to the presents but she wasn’t ready for what she was about to hear. Clementine explained to her what happened with all the presents and said that she shipped them off to the North Pole and so when the family woke up on Christmas day there would be no presents and you could finally tell them the true meaning of christmas but from one believer to another believer i’ll bet my eggnog that this time they will listen to you. Isadora came up with a plan she asked clementine if they could go to the North Pole and save Christmas, clementine finally agreed when he heard there will be eggnog and they and they got all the reindeer together and Clementine said on dancer, on prancer, and donner, and blitzen. Off they went it only took about 30 minutes till they arrived at the north pole. When they got off the sleigh they went to santa’s workshop, when they got there all isadora saw or even cared to see was the one and only Santa Claus. Isadora ran up to Santa and gave him one very large hug, but she realized the real reason she was here she asked Santa what happened to the presents and he said to check the elf station.When she arrived at the elf station she saw a jolly Elf named Phoebe this elf was very nice she helped us find all the presents but there were a few from someone named Kris, Isadora had a flashback suddenly she remembered who kris was.

Chapter 4

Christmas day

While Isadora was in the North pole with santa and the elves, she didn’t realize that it was Christmas Day back in London. Isadora’s family woke up and ran to the living room surprised to see no Presents there and no Isadora. Back at the North Pole isadora and Phoebe and Clementine were helping fix the sleigh for their trip home. Once they arrived in London Isadora ran to her house and opened the door wide open and saw her family wide eyed and in tears. Isadora had a lot of explaining to do. Isadora explained what happened and why she was not here when they woke up and why there were no presents under the tree. Isadora’s parents again did not believe her and thought she was crazy, but that was until Clementine, Phoebe and even santa walked through the door and her parents were shocked to see santa. Santa started to tell the real reason of christmas and why they should have believed her the first time she said something. THE END.

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