Sabrina's Much Ado Retelling

3/24/14 Don Pedro

After coming home form a battle my men and I decided to stay at Leonato's home. When we got there Claudio a good friend of mine told me he loved Hero but was scared to woo her so we agreed that I would woo her for him and wear a disguise. At the party I walked up to the innocent Hero and we danced and I wooed her for Claudio. When she said yes I took Hero to my good friend and they were set to get married. I thought it would be interesting to trick  Benedick and Beatrice to thinking they love each other. So I asked the girls what they thought and they thought it would be a great idea. They both fell for it. Then the night before Claudio's and Hero's wedding my brother Don John came to me and Claudio saying Hero was a common stale me knowing my brother I did not believe him because of his trickery and slander. Then he shows us that he is not ling by going to her window and showing us with another man. Claudio and I we angered by seeing  this thinking she was innocent. We decided to embarrass Hero in front of the whole town for what she has done. After the sabotaging the wedding, Dogberry came up to me and Claudio saying Hero was dead because of the slander that was going on. This made me really upset knowing a innocent girl passed away. We deciced to go to her grave and morn our loss. Don John my evil brother fled the city. The next day Claudio was sent to marry a new woman, this woman actually turned out to be Hero! She was still alive but was just hiding until everything calmed down. They got married and so did Benedick and Beatrice. Everything was well again.  

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