Sir Thomas Dale

By: Kiyara M. #colonialamerica #Kettner #Tech 1

Sir Thomas Dale was a Deputy Govoner in Virgina, he was also a member of the Council. He also designed to bring order to displine Jamestown Settlement. Sir Thomas Dale was recommened to be in war. He took charge of the colonies and fighting Indians. Sir Thomas Dale was recomeneded by Dale's friend and by the kings son for a 3 year. He also founded, City of Henrico (Henricus). He helped Pocahantas and John Ralfe. Sir Thomas Dale soon left the colony they were in with Pocahantas and also with John Ralfe in 1616. After that 3 years he died. He died by leading an English force for/on the east coast. He was a(n) English Naval Commandor and Deputy-Govoner of the Virginia Colony in 1616. Dale was a member of the Dale family of Surrvey Country they think. He may have also my have been of Anglo-Dutch family.

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