The Road map to Avail
Best Car Insurance In India

What’s the most essential requirement before getting your car on the road? Getting a comprehensive car insurance.

What’s the most essential requirement before getting your car on the road? Getting a comprehensive car insurance.

However, what is intriguing is that people are not able to find the best car insurance. It’s difficult to get best car insurance considering several options available in the market. This article lists the important things to remember in order to get the best car insurance policy in India.

You’ll become aware of the various benefits you can receive from car insurance. You’ll learn the essentials you need to ensure to enhance your coverage benefits. Hence, after reading the article you will be able to get the best car insurance cover as per your needs.

To make it easy to avail best car insurance, follow a roadmap as listed further.

The following is the roadmap which one must follow to arrive at the best deal-

The cover of nil depreciation-

It covers the insured against several claims. This also covers one’s vehicular rubber and plastic components. Such materials are susceptible to wear and tear which covers a large portion of vehicle’s make.

Hence, this cover is important as most cars consist of several plastic and rubber components. While filing a claim, inclusion of this cover will save significant repair costs of the insured.

Personnel coverage plan-

This is essential for car owners who have multiple drivers. It covers other users or drivers of the car including the actual owner at a nominal charge.

4 years ago, several general insurance companies of India began providing various benefits to buyers. This enabled insurance customers to benefit from additional protective gears. This enhanced the security of many insured people.

Look for the below value-added options to be incorporated in your policy-

  • Cash free settlement across trusted workshops
  • Hassle free and quick procedures for claim settlements thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction
  • Speedy online processes for purchase of general insurance and claim settlements
  • 24x7 customer support

Get insurance from a genuine company-

Apart from paying attention to the above essentials, it’s important to do a thorough research about the insurer before buying. Always get insurance from a trusted general insurance company in India. Ensure its credibility by browsing the company website and reading and ensuring the validity of the customer feedback.

Further are 2 important checks one must do to avail best car insurance-

Avail highest Insured's Declared Value (IDV)

IDV in 2-wheeler & car insurance policy refers to Insured's Declared Value. IDV is a vehicle’s present market value which is fixed by the respective insurance company. The insurer provides this IDV to the insured in case of theft or loss of vehicle.

Hence, it is a logical step to opt for maximum IDV on the vehicle.

Prevent lapse of policy

The insurance company may give a grace time when policy lapses. However, post grace time, one will be driving his car without car insurance which is illegal. Also you won’t receive the policy benefits.