How did the soldiers communicate with the leaders of the army¿
Hana £illey & Reece @guilar...

As you can see these were not a good way to communicate with others.

For communication, soldiers used different things. They would most likely use radios,but unlike the walkie talkies these days their versions were much more glitchy and old. On the other hand, when the connection died there would be a problem. As a result, they would then have to take a plane and fly over to send a message. However, back then flying a plane was not as easy as it is now.

How did starvation effect the soldiers, and did they resort to cannibalism.

Cannibalism is not a great thing, but you never know where starvation can lead you..

In WW1 soldiers did not turn to cannibalism, but they would often eat rats found in their trenches or their own horses. However, that could also lead to disease. Otherwise, they would not eat at all. If they were lucky they could sometimes have tea. In summary they did not have to resort to cannibalism.

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