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Australian Hero

For someone to have the courage and determination to help people in need, and to be known as a revolutionary, takes more than just having an open heart and being known as the one who killed police officers. This is where John (Ned) Kelly (1854-1880) truly shines.

What does it take to be recognised as an Australian Icon? Maybe all it needs is fame, and wealth? Well I can assure you it’s more than that, just have a look at the supermarkets and you will definitely see more than one variation on the truly famous Vegemite. You can’t argue that vegemite is an Australian Icon, and will always be. 90% of households own at least one jar of the brown spread, this is an amazing statistic. But how could a yellow and red labelled jar of thick, dark brown spread become so popular? Well in fact we Australians get used to the taste of vegemite from a young age. Just like the famous Australian spread vegemite, Ned Kelly is equally considered just as famous. Also like vegemite, we Australians learn history also from a young age. According to the Australian National Curriculum teachers are required to teach about he famous Australian Icon, Ned Kelly. In Australia we also learn about how Captain Cook remarkably discovered Australia. Ask yourself, why are we learning about these events in history? Why are these events important to us? Well we are learning about Captain Cook and the famous Australian icon, Ned Kelly, because these were significant events in Australian history and because these events in Australian history are inspirational. The decision to teach all Australian children about Ned Kelly and Captain Cook is important.

I whole heartedly believe that Ned Kelly is an Australian icon, just have a look at all the amazing achievements he has accomplished. Ned Kelly at the young age of nine, saved a drowning seven year old boy, Richard Shelton, from a creek opposite the Kelly home, such an achievement is remarkable. His courage must have been exemplary, and as a reward from the Shelton family they presented him with a vibrant green silk sash. Australia's most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly is a hero to many, especially to the family of the boy he rescued.  

Ned Kelly’s story has been told by painters, writers, musicians and filmmakers alike. More books, songs and websites have been written about Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang than any other group of Australian historical figures. To be this renown and significant, definitely makes him an Australian icon. If this doesn’t, then what will?

In conclusion, as I’ve demonstrated, Ned Kelly is one of the best Australian icons we’ve seen. Historians have dedicated their whole life to discovering more about this truly inspirational and fascinating Australian icon. To have a reputation like Ned Kelly would have taken years. Most of us won’t even get into a single history book, let alone have numerous books, articles and movies made about us, this fact alone demonstrataes that Ned Kelly is a true Australian icon.      

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