Gerrymandering Political Cartoon

By: Claudia Dunn and Maya Joseph

The process of redrawing legislative boundaries for the purpose of benefiting the party in power is Gerrymandering. The job of this goes to the state legislature, and the political parties that have been in control of drawing the boundaries have often changed it to the benefit of their party, so that their votes have more favor of winning. In the political cartoon, the elephant represents the Republican Party and the donkey is representing the Democrats. In the image the Republicans are painting over most of the country with a big roller, which means they have redrawn the boundaries to improve their chances of voters to win. The donkey on the other hand has a small paintbrush and is looking over at the "elephant" in confusion to what he is doing. The donkey has red paint on him, showing the reckless and wrong charter the Republican Party is doing to get votes. In reality the whole image shows how the party can benefit themselves in the voting process in the long run and the irony of it.