A Deeper Meaning

Hey guys,

First off, I need to thank @education for reminding me that April is National Poetry Month! It's inspired me to open up some of the work that I've done over the past several years.

For the rest of April I'll be posting pieces that I hope may talk to you in some way or another. Also, hopefully the added images will mesh well with your reading of the words and evoke a deeper understanding of the message I am trying to convey.


Poem 1.

Is it done yet?

Have we won yet?

Or do we rise to the horizon,

only when the sun sets.

And with the sun gone

what do you do next?

How're you supposed to fight

when there ain't no light left?

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2 years ago

The images really do evoke a deeper meaning of your poem, we love it. Glad to be a reminder! 👏

2 years ago

Very inspiring

2 years ago