Photography Portfolio

Kevin Acosta

Lunch Time

I saw the Cafeteria, and I liked the pattern on it, so I decided to take a picture in a way where you see some light, as well as shadows.

Young Palm Tree

I was trying to find a good angle in my front yard, then I noticed the Palm tree we have that is still trying to grow, so I decided to take a close up picture of it, while the sun was still on it.

Antique Bench

I was looking for a picture to take, and I remembered there was an old bench in my back yard that has "aged" roughly, due to it being in the rain. I wanted to show the texture of the bench, as well as the lines on it.

The tree with special leaves

I saw the perfect natural frame it makes (at least on the right side) with a sun flare to the left. I felt like the sun would provide the perfect sun, also showing the spots of the leaf.

Down in the Flowers

I saw these Blue Bonnets, and thought this would be perfect to use as a background, while a person lays down, and to take a picture of it with a low point of view, with a slight blur as it reaches the top.

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