Phenomenal Industrial Revolution

One word I would use to describe the industrial revolution is phenomenal. The industrial revolution was phenomenal because as America began to grow with westward expansion, and become more technical in the time. The process as they grew it made chance for change, significant mind blowing change. Progress to the point of amazement growing as a county, finding new ways of transportation, and new ways of communication. Many of these extreme changes stood by side with many more to come such as, factory production (such as spinning wheels, and water wheels for power.) As the growing of America began to happen new opportunities for new citizens. Many other improvements that made the industrial revolution phenomenal is the extreme amount of new invention to make life easier. Some of the new inventions of the industrial revolution included printing telegraph for communication improvement, the electric lamp for light improvements the list goes on; but as we began to grow we kept growing step by step improvement by improvement leading us through time to times like today. That is why the one word that i would use to describe the industrial revolution was truly phenomenal.

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