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We Are One!

This has been one of our mottoes for this year.  
As a TEAM Member, "What do you make?"

Here is our social contract from the beginning of the year.  Please look through it and see if you have fulfilled the commitment to each other from the beginning of the year.  

Remember from Grace Dearborn's presentation, that every student or adult you deal with each day has an invisible scrolling marquee that we can only see if we listen carefully.  

Reflective Questions:  Take the time to truly reflect on each piece of the questions below.  I am not looking for you to turn in the information below, it is private.  I do, however, want you to consider your role in the team and work on making it better (even if it is already terrific).  

1) How well have you kept your social contract promises?  It was really easy to sign your name on at the beginning of the year, now it is crucial that you fulfill your promises.

2) How well do you know your colleagues (fellow teachers), office staff, paras and aides (in and out of your room), kitchen staff, YMCA staff, volunteers, PDS interns, parents, students?

-Do you know, at least, three things about them (minus appearance)?

-Do you know about their families and loved ones?

-Do you take the time to listen to them?

-Do you always treat them with dignity and respect?

3) Do you have an effective system to communicate with parents?

From a parents perspective--

3) When an issue arises do you go straight to the source and try to understand the situation better? Why or why not?

4) Is there a characteristic that you would like to change about yourself that might be hindering your progress as a team member?  If so, what and what can you do about?

5) What is your role in the building (ignore your title-ie Kindergarten teacher)?  What is your purpose? How do you contribute? Are you comfortable with that role?   

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