Home front Tack

My name is Pablo Picoso, I am 24 and I live in the Boston, Union. May 18-22,1861-1865. I live with my wife Angelina. My son is currently stationed in New York.

Day 1.  

I woke up and I went out to water the cows and feed the goats and then I went to go work on the house because some of the foundation is corroding. Then I went to go eat breakfast in my house. I rested until about 4:00 p.m. then I went outside and I watered the garden. I feed the cattle and the donkeys. Then I went to go sow some clothes for the veterans.I also cooked some food for the free slaves.

Day 2

Hey Jimmy its been really boring around the house without you. I heard about the Battle of Gettysburg. Were you in that? Mother cooked breakfast for me today and I cant wait until you get the breakfast of your life when you get back. Anyway I love you a lot and I am praying that you don't get injured. I LOVE YOU SO DON'T DIE.

Day 3

First thing I did today is I went to the Market to buy some vegetables. Next I sent out a letter to Abraham Lincoln and gave him suggestions about the army. I also went to go to the barn and I saw one of our cows laying on the ground dying.I tried to save her but she died. so I chopped her up and sent most of the meat to the civil war soldiers.

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