This is the money they use, it is very different than ours, but it is pretty cool to see different types of money. (Picture of Leu money)

this is the current president of romania his name is Traian Băsescu and he was elected on November 16 2014. And has till the end of the term. And sound like a good president from what i have read.

This is a subway in Romania. One of the very fews. They're not the richest, but at least they have a way to get around. It is simple and fast an easy way to get to work/around.

This is a picture of the society in Romania. these are some of the clothes they wear in parts of the country. But in other part of the country, they wear clothing like we do.

this is the Danube river in Romania, it is one of the most geographical land features they have. And is great resource for things like transportation and hunting.

Overall it was a fun country to learn about, it is very similar to America in some ways and yet far off. It was a fun country. I loved all the pictures that I looked at, they were all beautiful. This would definitely be one of the top places I would want to visit. I thought this was a good country because they are a strong country, I hope they stay that way. Overall, very interesting country. I would definitely visit here.(in my opinion).


Every country has a different type of economy system. Like the U.S uses paper dollars divided into 100. My country(Romania) has a Leu that is what they use.and is also divided into 100 as well. The money they use is made of polymer that is a type of plastic. And in the U.S we use money for many different things. Half of the money they earn goes to food. That would make it so they have very limited free spend money, but they still make it until paycheck time.


Just like the United States, they are capitalists. The communism government fell in the year 1991. They were a part of the N.A.T.O group, but joined the EU in 2007. They have very many jobs including farming, store owners, chefs, and many others. People there do not make nearly as much as we do here, but they manage to survive. They have free say in things now that the communist government fell. It was probably for the best that Communism fell.


The capitol is one of the very few places with a subway. they use Buses,trains,bikes,taxis,walking, and horse drawn carts. They are not as involved with technology as the U.S is, but they do have television and FM radio. And internet access is slowly increasing, and is way more popular than it was a few years ago. They do have phones but not in rule areas. They use technology for many different things. And still manage to make it work with less than other places.


They have a smaller population than a lot of places, with only 21,709,479 people. And gypsies make up the 3rd population. They believe family is VERY important and spent a lot of time together. Romanians are book lovers, they love to read often. And they also love soccer many young people love to play, and they have a few famous people that play from their country. Most families only have 1 or 2 children. And that is part of the reason they have a smaller population than most countries.


3 Most geographical features are The Carapathians mountains, Danube river, and the black sea. There are mountains and valleys, Rivers and seas forests and pretty much anything else. There are ancient castles there as well. There are 4 seasons just like us, and has been nice lately. 27 degrees for winter and about 75 for summer. They are by the transilvanian alps too. Overall it's a beautiful country.

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