Blueprint of the entire universe

With fully respect to the subject which is the blueprint of the entire universe, I am not going to describe it in just one blog, or to say, that is a too big agenda for me to draw just one time, along with aging and experiencing and your own intelligence,  it will unlimited approaching to a completion of a whole net in your sense of the world, but let me try with one interesting picture to show you first. Although the picture is roughly hand writing in Chinese(I did not find a English version), I can translate it into a "language" that we all understand...well, hopefully.

First, in common sense most people agree that the only truth in this world is called science, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Law, History,Economy,etc, as long as it is 100% contain science innovation. And then in spite of many political and military creations happened in Politics, it is never be considered as the truth, (you know it is not, anyway.) But should it be seen as the fake science like many subjects else, i.e. Taoism, Buddhism, Yin and yang, Astrology or Chinese herbal medicine? They are regarded as fake science for some people all along.

The point is not whether they are fake, people take different sides of opinions all the time, but once you stop recognizing more about the world from just thinking like this, the distinctions(logical thinking) through the connections (imaginal thinking) between everything in this world and among the universe would be cutting off , may be in another world, it has never been linked up for you. So when you see through the cosmic , all the stars shinning and fading including our planet, is it just points and stripes or shapes in your best imagine? Is it never going to be stereoscopic with three-dimensional or more?

Taoism spells, Astrology and many more subjects are all created from the real stars running orbits. As without defining what they are, still we can see the infinite universe itself is the so called Philosophy. For example, "reality, existence,knowledge, values, reason, mind, language and the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group."(1)

Like the highest structure of Art is also Philosophy, and different types of it, music(hearing), painting(vision), literature(logic subconsciousness), no matter what forms they appear, the best could represent a artistic truth,  it is the truth of art and the truth of the world, from people life 's physical foundation to emotional needs and to the ultimate spiritual wish.

(1) wiki/Philosophy

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