Surface Area Of A Rectangular Prism

This is a five step process so, buckle your seat belts its gonna be a bumpy ride.

See, i told you.

Step one: Write out the formula

The formula is 2(lw+lh+hw) or in word form two times the length times the width plus the length times the height plus the height times the width. It seems like a lot, but trust me, it's easy as pi.

Step two: Plug in the numbers

When I plug in the numbers here the problem would be 2(11*5+11*6+6*5) and don't start solving it yet because we have to do this step by step.

Step three: Solve the multiplication in the parentheses

In the problem we had earlier we left off at 2(11*5+11*6+6*5) which means it's time to solve now. So, when you multiply 11*5 you get 55 and when you multiply 11*6 you get 66 and when you multiply 6*5 you get 30. Now we have 2(55+66+30).

Step four: Solve the addition in the parentheses

After we do step three we are left with the problem 2(55+66+30) which, should be easy enough to solve from here. So, all that's left is the addition. 55+66=121 and 121+30=151 so now we are left with 2(151) so finally we have the problem of 2*151.

We're almost done

Step five: Solve the multiplication problem you are left with

Now we went from a bunch of letters and numbers to 2*151 which is pretty easy to solve. 2*151=302

Now the answer to the problem is 302 cm²

Time for you to try

Try to solve this problem

The answer is 72 ft²

So, do you understand it now

I'm glad you do.

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