Developing Technological Businesses

One of the benefits of the dot com boom is the recognition by businesses and nations that the digital and technological companies are here to stay, and more than that, are integral in order for commerce to move forward. Given the current economic climate, it makes sense to reduce overheads wherever possible, especially when starting up a new company, and starting online is a great place to begin. As an example, one person can have an idea, commission a website and then market the company from the comfort of their family computer.

That is of course a simplified version of events, but it demonstrates the difference that just three decades can make in terms of communication and business efficiency. In that time, Michael Jensen, VIPocean has established himself as a businessman and an angel investor, catering primarily to online or electronic ventures. Focusing on the social media industry, this serial capital investor has helped start up a number of companies including a site with over 16 million members at its peak.

Investing in Information

One of the businesses that has received funding from Michael Jensen, VIPocean is Malaga Data Center, the biggest datacentre in Spain. Having a secure, reliable place to store information is necessary to comply with local data protection legislation and to ensure that the data is always at hand. Malaga Data Center provides an ideal location to store a company’s information, without taking up valuable real estate space at the office.
Premium Social Media

Another beneficiary is VIPocean, a premium social media site that lets users connect and communicate online as well as access exclusive content. As befitting a VIP experience, members will be invited to elite events and be offered deals on many products that will enhance their time online with VIPocean. In addition to these offers, VIPocean also contains a community magazine, members can comment on articles and see what their friends are reading too.

Secure Online Payment

With the increase in online businesses also comes the need for more secure ways to make payments and conduct business online. Jabstry is another facility that started up in 2014 that caters to the business market by offering safe ways to make transactions between companies.

Moving Forward OnlineAlthough they might seem vastly different, the three companies that benefitted from investment highlight some of the fastest growing areas in the digital sector.

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