Animal: Sea Otter


Appearance of the Animal:

Sea otters are 4 feet long. They have webbed feet to help them

Swim. Their thick fur keeps them warm under water. Their fur are brown. Sea Otters look like a fluffy brown pillow!!!

They have noses to smell and eyes to see! Sea otters are marine


This animal's habitat:

Sea Otters live in rocky coats.They stay in the water, for most of the time.They go on icebergs or Rocky

Places to rest.

Where in the world does this animal live?

It lives in the Pacidic Ocean.Sea otters live in rocky places.

What is this animal's prey?

Sea otters dive to look for food.They eat clams,mussels,and

Fish. While eating, they use their belly as a dinner plate!!!!!  

Sea otters use tools(such as rock) to open their hard shell


Who or what are this animal's predators?

Their perdators are humans,Sharks,bears,Eagles,(on pups) and

Killer whales.

An interesting fact about this animal:

Female otters usually only give birth to one pup at a time,but have been known to somtimes have twins.

Another interesting fact about this animal:

Sea otters are social animal who may float together in groups of

Less then 10 to more than 100, called rafts.

Another interesting fact about this animal:

Sea otters live about 25 years of age,although most of them live about 10-12 years!