Blue Print of the Hydraulic Arm (PROJECT)

Task of Machine: To pick up objects from a lower level, and transfer the object to a different area.

Materials: Syringes, plastic tubes, popsicle sticks, wooden sticks/plywood, cardboard, scissors, hot glue, tape

The syringes and tubes are required to move the parts of the arm and transfer the water from one place to the other. Popsicle sticks were chosen to act as the claw because they are light and won't put too much weight on one end. The popsicle sticks will also act as reinforcement due to their light weight. Plywood/wooden sticks were chosen as the main arm because they are durable. Cardboard was chosen as the base because it uses less resources to use but is still durable. Tape and hot glue are used to hold separate parts together. Scissors are used to change size or get pieces that are needed.

Design: This design was shown because it seemed very simple to use and build. It was also chosen because we could view a similar machine from closer and further angles.