Successful Athletic Competitor

Tejas Jivan looks back fondly on his days as a successful high school athlete, someone who not only demonstrated considerable athletic talent in multiple sports, but that also served as an exemplary example of a dedicated team player; an individual who consistently added value and strength to his teams through hard work, cooperation and the willingness and desire to lead his squads to victory. Jivan, who excelled in both tennis and in JV soccer, appreciates the time he spent, and the experience he obtained, as the member of two successful teams, as well as the many lessons learned as a high school athlete.

In 2010, Tejas Jivan was named the Captain of Columbia High School’s Junior Varsity Soccer team, in large part due to his strengths as a leader and mentor both on and off the field. Recognized by both teammates and the coaching staff as someone capable of keeping his team focused and prepared, Jivan was honored to have been considered for this position, and proudly provided his teammates the direction they needed to stay together and work as a single unit.

Tejas Jivan was also honored to have been ranked as the number 2 tennis player at his school, and to have had the opportunity to successfully compete in regional contests alongside his Columbia High School colleagues. A skilled tennis player, Jivan earned the coveted Most Valuable Player Award during a regional competition, showing his ability to maintain and perform in a highly pressurized and competitive athletic environment.

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