My Social Resume


my favorite sport is called grape stomping .even little kids can do it.

Hobbies & Pet peeves

my hobbies include throwing parties, attending them, preforimg, and watching live theatre. They are all so much fun!

My pet peeves are party poopers and interrupters. I absolutely cannot stand them they are just so negative and ruin everything.

My Friends

This is my good friend Dory. She is so perky and fun and I am glad to have her as a friend. :-)

this is my other friend Benedick he talks a lot and he refuses to get married but I have Aphrodite helping me with his little "quirk".

these are just a few of my friends.

My FavoriteRestaruants

Applebee's is my favorite restaurant. they have great service, perfect for parties, and have a really long bar with plenty of choices. I also like Wing Daddy's they have a bar that's almost as great as the one at Applebee's.

Vavorite Vacation Spot

the island of Naxos is such a great vacation spot. I found my true love there and married her there too.

favorite Actor

my favorite actor is Eddie murphy he makes me laugh everytime.

Favorite TV Show

my favorite tv show is ellen watching her is really relaxing

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