Recording Engineer~


-His salary ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on where he works, who he works with, and what skill level he has.  (Because everyone is different) $$$$$$$$$$$$$

- A Recording Assistant and Audio Engineer Mixer are jobs that is very similar to a Recording engineer.

- Job Descriptions :

*Manages sound boards and equipment during studio recording sessions*

*The job of a recording engineer is not only to record audio, but to  edit and mix it in such a way as to make the audio sound the best it possibly can.*

*A Recording Engineer works during certain times.  The work hours depend on the artist ( The person who is getting recorded ) and the scheduled studio time.  Talk to your patient about how  their final product would sound.*

-Schooling :

* 1-4 years in college to learn the basics of being a recording engineer. A college that will teach you about this could be anywhere. There's a lot of recording engineering school, and would depend on the state. ( To see what school cost the least)