Production Concept

Outline of ideas for my music video

For my music video I am going to use Michael Buble’s song, Hold On, this is because it fits well into the pop genre and I think that a narrative for this song could easily be demonstrated through a music video.

The basic idea for my music video is a collection of clips of different couples in different stages of their lives, I want to do this because the song is about holding on and getting through things. I think the song works well with this concept because it can allow me to use the conventional editing technique of crosscutting to cut from the narrative to the artist watching these couples as well as singing in the studio. I want to start the music video off by making it clear that the artist himself is trying to convince himself with the lyrics of the song. I intend to do this by using clips of him by himself looking at these couples to imply that he is longing for that too. I think doing different stages of the relationship will work well because it links to the song well, showing that they all hold on in order to progress and develop as a couple. I also think that using this style of one basic narrative with separate shorter narratives entwined within this will work well and be appealing to my target audience. These different shorter narratives will simply be something like a memory e.g. the first could be the beach scene with a young couple holding hands, simple shots like this will fit in with the tone of the song as it is fairly slow paced to begin with.

I also need to show a variation in the couples to present the narrative: the progression of couples. So in order to link in with the idea of the song “Hold On”, I will have one of the couples fighting, this will make it more realistic and relatable. I hope to have five different couples to demonstrate the growth of a relationship and to link in with the song, as they need to use their love to get through the hurdles that they face – which is the message that I got from the song. I want to use five different stages of the relationship in order to produce a strong narrative.

The first will be the beginning of a relationship with the two being very much in love, I want this to take place on a beach as my questionnaire told me that this is a conventional setting. I also think that having a fairly lonely beach with the couple with the horizon as the backdrop and them looking out towards it will imply their closeness and is a typical romantic setting. Also, because of the time of the year that I will be recording this it will be fairly cold, giving them reason to get close and it will make it easier for them to appear cozy, thus making it look more realistic. I will interrupt each of the separate couple scenes with clips of Michael Buble to ensure I have sufficient focus on the artist. The next couple will be in a city scene as this again is a romantic scene and I want to use several different settings in order to make my music video appealing to my target audience. In this shorter narrative the man will propose to the woman, this is in order to show another stage of a relationship, which furthers my narrative. I aim to take this shot in the evening, however, I am aware that the practicality of this is difficult and so this may be something I need to consider. The next major part will be the third couple who are arguing, this is in the middle of the video and really gets across the idea of the song. This will take place in a bedroom/household setting in order to make it realistic and also I can use lighting effectively here. The next major point will be the next couple and their family, they will appear slightly older and this will be fairly focused on their faces rather than the setting, but will take place with a house in the background and children places in front of them playing, getting across the next stage in a relationship. The next major point will be an elderly couple sitting together and we see that they are still very much in love; this will get across the idea of having time, which is mentioned in the song. The final major point in the music video is when the artist – the Michael Buble actor – is able to feel the love that he has been looking at for the whole music video, and is reunited with his love.

The general idea of this music video is the progression of a relationship interlinked with the song, the belief that they need to Hold On and they make it through. I want to use the shots of the artist in between the narrative to get across the idea that the singer is narrating the story.