~~~~~~Nuclear Fusion~~~~~~

The Future of Energy

Nuclear fusion is the future of energy that has the ability to give us unlimited amounts of energy. This fusion reactor located in the South of France is in current testing.  

                   This area of France is off-limits from Google, but there are aerial views of the construction site. We assume that they had chose this area because there are water supplies next to the reactor to use as coolants. Coolants cool down the reactor so the reactor doesn't overheat and explode.

- Image of nuclear fusion construction - ^

~~~Environmentally Safe~~~

Nuclear Fusion are one of the only power suppliers that produce energy without causing damage to the environment. Unlike Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion doesn't hurt the environment and people by not releasing radiation if a nuclear mistake happens. This incident happened with Chernobyl which released deadly amounts of radiation. Now today in 2014, Chernobyl is still uninhabitable and is known as a Ghost Factory.

-A picture of Chernobyl and its aftermath- ^

With the new Nuclear Fusion Reactor, this means we have hit a huge milestone in human history. For the first time, we have released more energy then we have put into the reactor. This means we can have more energy then what we have wasted.

How does Nuclear Fusion Work?

Nuclear fusion works by heating up particles that are in certain ratios to each other. In simple words, they collide and make one. The energy release is huge. This is the type of energy and process that goes on within the stars.

Uniting Nations over Teamwork.

With the new Nuclear Fusion Reactor in construction, Countries all over the world are contributing to the construction of the facility. The facility is led by the European Union which are a group of 28 European countries. The project also includes countries outside the European Union such as the US, Russia, China, Brasil, Canada and Korea. With the help of these countries, the Nuclear Reactor should be done in 2018.

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