Welcome to internet safety tips with truly yours HUNTER DUBAS. Well hello there Today we are talking about internet safety.

#1 Don't ever I don't care if they offer you 1 million dollars never give personal information. Phone, Home, How tall. DO NOT DO IT!!!

#2 If someone you met online and you don't know wants to meet up that's A NO. You don't know the person for real it could be 45 year old who want's to take you instead of it being a 14 year old girl you just can never tell.

#3 Never go on any networking site with out PARENT permission. They are older they know what is the for you.

#4 If you ever get mean message you don't delete you tell an adult. So they can try and stop it.

#5 YOU!!!!! DON'T BE A INTERNET BULLY. You will get caught and it will come back to bite you. Before you post anything mean or anything think will I want someone to read this or will it hurt someone's feelings.

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